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Choosing a heating system is a major decision. Consider the advantages that our “best in class” thermal mass products offer when choosing a heating system for your home:

  • Extremely comfortable heat 
    You will have a pleasant, consistent heat, throughout your home at all times. With radiant heat, your entire floor will be a heated thermal mass that is consistently kept within a narrow range of your desired temperature. Our systems also offer very flexible zoning.
  • Improved Air Quality 
    Our floors and wainscoting gently release and radiate heat, which is very different than forced-air systems that push hot air through duct systems, stirring up dust, animal dander, odors, and other irritants. Radiant heating provides cleaner indoor air quality, which means a healthier and more enjoyable living space, especially for those with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. Many new hospitals are being built with radiant heat for this reason.
  • Reliable, Dependable, and Low Maintenance 
    Our radiant heat systems are simple in design and thus very reliable and less prone to the problems of forced-air systems. Conventional heating systems rely on large fans to push hot air through a house whenever temperatures drop below certain thresholds, normally two or three times per hour. It is a constant on and off process that puts a lot of stress on the fans and the system which leads to maintenance over time. Our radiant system is designed to hold heat in the rooms where the heat is needed. Once the optimal room temperature is reached, very little adjustment occurs because our radiant panels are designed to store heat. This less intensive, pro-active system requires very little energy and maintenance over long periods of time.
  • Lower Heating Bills 
    Radiant heat in general is significantly more efficient than forced air, which is why a vast majority of new builds in many countries are built with radiant heat. Taking the efficiency even further, our proprietary thermal panels store and release heat with best in class efficiency. Homeowners using our products along with improved boilers, pumps, and controls, can expect to save up to 60% vs. traditional heating methods. We have seen even higher reductions in costs in many instances.
  • Quieter Environment 
    Our modular radiant panels, by design, are sound deadening. As a result, your home will be a much quieter environment because not only will you eliminate the sounds of furnaces, fans, and circulating air, but also greatly reduce room-to-room sound transfer.
  • Safer 
    Our radiant panels will bring fire safety benefits to your home.
  • Environmentally Friendly / “Green” 
    Our products will decrease your home’s energy consumption significantly while improving the indoor air quality. They are also made using recycled materials which helps decrease the amount of waste going towards landfills. If you are interested in “green” building, our products contribute points to LEED® certifications, Green Globes ratings, ENERGY STAR® Ratings, GreenGuard® Building Construction Certification, and are acceptable in National Register of Historic Places renovations.
  • Increased Home Value 
    Because of all the benefits listed above, and in particular the lower operating costs, homes with radiant heat demand and achieve a premium price.
  • Decorating Flexibility 
    You can put almost any type of finished surface over floors heated with our panels, including rug, tile, stone, hardwood and laminate flooring. In addition, when placing furniture you will not need to worry about avoiding ductwork, vents, or baseboard heaters, because our systems are completely out of sight.

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