Seneca Radiant Technology | SRT vs. Other Radiant Products

You can achieve good radiant thermal mass properties with a cement or gypcrete floor. However, if you are not using one of our products, the only way to get that cement/gypcrete thermal mass is through a poured floor and these come with many problems. First, they can be expensive to install because they require heavy duty equipment such as cement trucks, large crews, and it can take a lot of time because the cement has to cure or dry, a process that requires ventilation. Another problem is that poured floors are very heavy and often require structural reinforcement of a building so that it can handle all the weight of a wet concrete floor. Additionally, and most problematic, wet cement contains a lot of water, and when the cement/gyp cures, that water is released into the structure, and this can lead to serious mold and moisture problems. People are quickly becoming aware of what a major problem this is. Mold problems associated with poured radiant flooring is a widespread problem nationally.

Compared to “poured” radiant floors, our products have numerous advantages:
SRT Product Advantages vs Poured pdf

Just to name a few advantages, our panels arrive cured, so there is no moisture problem to deal with, and no structural weight issues to deal with. Our installation process is very simple and requires only a screw gun as opposed to a large crew and heavy equipment. Our panels can be installed in less than a day and have thermal mass characteristics equal to cement or gypcrete. Also, poured floors have been known to degrade over time, and since the hydronic tubing runs unprotected in the concrete, it is possible that degradation could fracture the cement and rupture the tubing. Our panels also solve this problem because our thermal mass is waterproof and incased in a strong (HIP) plastic base that protects the tubing.

In the last decade “warm floors” have become a sought after luxury item in high end homes and renovations. There are a number of modular radiant products on the market that provide warm floors to homeowners, but in most cases these items sacrifice a lot in terms of efficiency. You can buy wooden radiant heat panels, panels made from aluminum, foam, types of plastic, electric mats, and even “staple-up” products that are fastened to the underside of the subfloor (for example you would staple these products to the ceiling of your basement to heat the first floor). These products are good at providing somewhat comfortable floors, but most are not very efficient. When deciding upon the radiant system that is right for you, it is important that you differentiate between radiant floor products with poor thermal mass properties and the evolutionary products from Seneca Radiant Technology.

Seneca Radiant Technology offers the luxury and comfort people are seeking in these products, but it comes as part of some of the most innovative and efficient heating systems available in the market today.  We can give you warm floors, improved indoor air quality and environments, as well as drastically lower heating bills and maintenance costs. In addition, our products are made using recycled materials.  Our evolutionary products provide the opportunity to improve your own environment, save money, and do the right thing by reducing energy use and the amount of waste making its way to landfills.