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How Radiant Heat Works

Greater efficiency can be achieved by altering how heat is delivered to the space:

Traditional forced-air and baseboard systems work by heating the air. In order to maintain room temperature, a great deal of energy must be used by the heating system to continually heat and move hot air. The fact is that air does not retain heat very well.  Water on the other hand, carries heat 3500 times more efficiently.

Heat Distribution Comparison Forced Air vs. Radiant Panels

Heat Distribution Comparison (Forced Air vs. Radiant Panels)

Radiant heating works by circulating heated water through our patented panels which store heat extremely well.  When heated, the floor itself becomes a large thermal mass that will retain heat for great lengths of time. Any furniture (chairs, couches, desks, etc) will also be heated and help to maintain room temperature.

How Radiant Heat Works

Radiant heat will give you a consistently comfortable, quiet, and clean indoor environment while reducing your heating and maintenance costs.  Contact us to find out more about our products.